From 14 to 25 May enjoy the spectacular CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2020. Located in the heart of the city of Cannes hundreds of celebrities will show up again this year. One’s favorite event of the world, even most famous that the Oscars in Hollywood.
Didn’t book your hotel yet,  then you better hurry up ; Hotels such as Carlton , Majestic and Martinez are all booked for the film industry companies such as Warner bros, Paramount, Wild Bunch…

The best way to travel in Cannes is to pre arranged a nice driver on several days. Book your deluxe driver in advance is a must as all local taxis and limo driver will be booked. If you still have not booked your french riviera driver do it asap. AlloDriver can offer you a luxury car or minivan such as Mercedes E or V or S Class for 60 euros per hour. Do you want stand on the line for hours waiting for expensive taxis under the rain in Cannes or nice airport?

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2020! Private driver is a must to secure your trips

You definitely never attend CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2020 without a private driver. Why ? are you going to walk to the hills with your high heels ?
Are you going to walk to the red carpet with your local taxi ? First taxis are not allowed neither Uber drivers.
Will you go for meeting with journalist or movie producers with your bicycle ? Why not but what about your fancy clothes under the rain ? no way the only way to arrive in style is to order a nice driver with a private limousine from French Riviera.
Your private driver will not only drive you but also be your concierge finding best restaurants and tables , help you for shopping and have you to arrive on time.
Look at this pic below , for only 60 Euros per hour you can enjoy the back seat of this luxury Mercedes E class and private driver in Cannes from nice airport transfer.