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Taxis – Uber

Taxis – Uber : The taxi business confronted to a new era with Uber.

Uber become for the transportation industry what Facebook become for the internet.
There is absolutely no reason anymore to book taxis wherever you travel.
Uber more than being a competition between limousine companies became in competition against taxi business.
In every war there is collateral damage and yes, in some point some clients use Uber instead of limousine companies.
Taxis – Uber is not a question which one to choose.The dice already rolled up in favor of Uber.

If you take in consideration the tremendous amount of publicity to promote Uber, then indirectly benefit all limousine companies.
What has been lost on one side , we got it back an another side.
AlloDriver for the past years was able to maintain sales and revenues and clients.
The reason is we have been to provide remarkable service while Uber did  not focus on quality service.
Uber cannot meet expectations of rich clients. Definitely no one Uber driver meet the limousine standards or can sustain this level of high quality limousine service.
Therefore clients keep calling companies like AlloDriver to provide luxury ground transportation.
One of mistake of Taxis – Uber was to not educate their drivers. There is a joke going on against Uber : ” from dealer to Uber driver”. And this is real, just see for yourself when you order a Uber driver in Paris or Nice. Back in time you couldn’t be a driver in France if you do not speak at least 3 languages and have a minimum of +2 years education after Baccaulaureat and strong check criminal background.

Taxis – Uber

Taxis ; Most of them were poster sticker for political groups.
Revoked cops fired by administration , ex football players or rich kids getting money from parent to have an occupation to do something in life.Taxis – Uber what is the difference.
Attitude of french taxi drivers specially in Nice airport transfer is awful, no elegant at all, disrespectful , cheating everytime about price.
Calling taxis nice airport for a transfer in 2018 is like asking drug dealer to keep an eye on your wallet while you go to restrooms…..
Taxis for nice airport transfer to cannes will disappear little by little , step by step. Did you know at the beginning of 20 centuries in Paris was more than 30.000 water carrier ? Today 0…
Eventually limousine companies one day will disappear too if Elon Musk or another billionnaire will put on market flying cars. At AlloDriver we think we have another 10/20 years before the business can definitely disappear and be replaced with new technology…
Anyway if you think using taxis at nice airport is an option here is their contact +33.6.6949.6888, of course it was a joke , we love you so much we do not want you to be ripped off by taxi nice airport , this number  is our dispatcher line.

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