AlloDriver is the main leader for the limousine service industry on the French Riviera..
Providing professional luxury chauffeur service for over 15 Years now. Always at the edge of new technology.
A step forward of new trend. Launching online booking system for more than 15 years.
We provide luxury SUV such as Escalade Cadillac in 2018. Range Rover in 2009, and the first car service to provide BMW X5 in 2006.
AlloDriver has launched bodyguard driver service in 2018 in partnership with 1eyeonu. The limousine service has changed since Uber and new VTC regulations in France.
Unfortunately, the chauffeur service has been under tumult with low quality service and war on prices.

Bodyguard driver

Clients need professional airport transfers limousine service and bodyguard drivers. VIP clients traveling on the French Riviera and Paris need safe rides more than just a taxi transfer. Our bodyguard Driver provide the safest, most comfortable solution for customers. Therefore, clients can focus on their business and leisure without fearing to be attacked or assault for any reasons. We provide bodyguard drivers to reduce the risks during one of most vulnerable moment; transportation. Our security drivers practiced evasive driving techniques to avoid conflicts. Security drivers recognize potential threats before they manifest into dangerous situations. Selecting appropriate roads and to drive safe with the passengers. Shopping in Cannes, St Tropez without fear of pick pocket. Just order a bodyguard driver not a limo driver. Party in Nikki Beach or Gotha club in Cannes stress. Don’t let anyone stole your bags with your money and valuables belongings. AlloDriver in partnership with , the best app for bodyguard worldwide.

Limousine service and Bodyguard driver

Couple of years ago Julien Crozet was driving a VIP client from a famous English football club.
On the way to the 5 star hotel, after exiting highway in East side of Nice a bicycle was blocking the road.
Bodyguard drivers skills come from their past experiences such as ex army, legion or police background.
Before stopping the car, he looked on the rear mirror and understood it was a set up trap.
On the right side, 2 mens jumped to open the back doors to steal clients belongings.
Driver immediately run over the bicycle to escape the situation. Clients were so happy about reactivity of the driver.

Bodyguard app and security services

Past years AlloDriver drove billionaires and famous people.
Many tragic stories convinced Julien CROZET to create this app.
Deregulation of taxi and limo industry brought so many unprofessional drivers.
It is time to clean up this industry by providing 5 stars services and experience drivers.
Taxi nice airport and Uber drivers and VTC limo companies are not understanding the limousine service industry.
Therefore, they will not be able to provide you with the level of security you deserve.
Select bodyguard driver while making your booking to feel secure and relax during your ride.