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As the first limousine chauffeur service company on the French Rivera.
Based in Monaco , Cannes, Nice and St Tropez.
And having a website, we have been copy and stolen by ALL of our competitors.
How we know that ? Our developpers did their home work and we have been able to see who spied us …
It is ok , we understand it is an economic war in every  industry and as the main leader , all people followed us  and try to surpass us. But they can’t … why ? because we update constantly our business with new cars and new service. Do you know AlloDriver is the first limousine company to provide bodyguard driver ? The first to provide Luxury SUV …
The most creepy competitors are the ones which worked as drivers for AlloDriver and then use our booking system,  our DNA managment to finally suck us from the inside…
Now it is trendy to copy AlloDriver by simply adding the word “driver” behind anything and just add something different right before like : deluxe driver, riviera driver , nice driver , perfect driver , your driver, private driver, my driver, french riviera driver , prestige driver , vip driver and so on and so on…The worst one we could say an having the award of the most creepy one is without contest Brice of nice driver , ex driver of AlloDriver for 5 years and copy us step by step all our website what a joke no shame, no face …

Some other tried to be more vicious and even copy all our texts and paragraph even with our wrong spelling.
This is funny , if they could even copy our french accent i’m sure they will have done it…
Most of them anyway, haven’t been able to meet our standards. After many years of operations and stealing ideas they still have only 1 or 2 or maximum 3 cars in their fleet when AlloDriver progress from 1 to 17 cars in just 3 years …opening Pris and Miami without any helps from investor or banks.

As entrepreneurs and clients you will definitely use us instead to use the ones copy us…
More than 117 drivers have worked with us the past 10 years and 45 of them finally bough a car and stole something from AlloDriver : cash money, clients, ideas, website, ….whatever is life..
If you prefer choose we think you will prefer choose us than our competitors finally…

Competitors nice driver chauffeur service

Here is the list of the competitors nice driver and french riviera driver you will not want to work with , why ?
Because if you are an entrepreneur like AlloDriver you will never want give money to ex employee stole clients , broke cars, delivered bad srvice before to stop to wok for you , and on top of that steal your content , ideas , copyright to make money on your back.

Today we will shou you one of the” let say competitor ” because obviously he claim to be a big company but he is a single driver sharing car with his friend to look like a big company. one competitor which broke the car was allowed to him. The Chrysler 300 brand new which we couldn’t even sell back and had to give it to our mechanical guy.
Of course nice driver stole clients, and worst even spoke on the back of AlloDriver….
AlloDiver hired and pay salaries of Brice nice driver from 2008 to 2012 , giving him a luxury car 24/24.
Paying all extra wages and salaries, holydays, but Brice instead to be grateful just said he wanted to stop to work and ask compensation and on the back opened his company Nice driver , a copy of easydrivers our previous webiste, he  steal all ideas from website even the mistake on the SEO , create a app like AlloDriver , put exact same content SEO , Website ideas , Website back end and structure and simply act like a coward….

He destroyed the Chrysler 300 than AlloDriver provide him for work. AlloDriver lost 8000 Euros , of course Brice wanted 1800 compensation and did not understand than he was the one in debt towards Easydrivers 8000-1800 ; do the math. Obvioulsy brice nice driver cannot calculate and understand …from Nice did not pay back AlloDriver, worst brice from nice driver started to speak n the back and reverse the situation …..

As you can see we even make publicity for him , therefore you can choose to work with a fake news as Brice from nice driver or simply work with us the original trusting company..

All on Nice driver . com is a scam….Structure of booking form, email reservation, booking form , duplicate content of SEO….We let you decide which one you want to decide to work with.
AlloDriver think , it is time to show publicly the scam and crooks competitors nice driver on the French Riviera is the award one…..

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