chauffeur limousine service with Cadillac Escalade in Monaco and Cannes
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Chauffeur Limousine Service

Main reasons to use AlloDriver VS competitors

To be able to deliver excellent chauffeur limousine service you need to apply these rules.


1    |     Chauffeur limousine service located at Nice Airport since 2005
2    |    #1 limo company to offer flat rate cheaper than taxis
3    |    Cheaper at least 50% than all our limousine competitors
4    |    Upgrades with BMW 745 i , S Class , Range Rover, BMW X5, and now Cadillac Escalade
5    |    #1 Car service to offer ride with BMW X5 in 2006 in Nice Airport and Saint Tropez
6    |    #1 limousine service since 2007 to provide booking on line and prepayment by credit card
7    |    #1 limo to growth from word to mouth from 1 to 17 cars from 2005 to 2009 in French Riviera
8    |     Emirates contracted us to provide luxury ground transportation for all their first and business class clients


Exclusive chauffeur service for exclusive client

9    |    CEO Julien Crozet still drive every summer to be closer to his clients and deliver great chauffeur service
10  |    Celebrities, billionaires , actors, singers from every countries trust our limo service
11   |    We do this business by passion not just for money this is the key of success
12  |    Providing only black luxury Mercedes, BMW, AUDI , Cadillac  Escalade , Range Rover
13  |    Our drivers are dress to impress, elegant stylish suit and tie but discreet too
14  |    We never over charged our clients. Chauffeur Limousine Service is a trustful business
15  |    Opened in Paris in 2008 , Miami in 2009, Orlando in 2010……..and so much more….
16 |     Proving for #1 time ever on French Riviera Luxury Black SUV Cadillac Escalade SUV

Luxury Sedans and luxury Minivans


7 |     Luxury sedans & luxury minivans & luxury Suv’s
18 |     Book with our AlloDriver App Chauffeur Limousine Service and get exclusive rewards
19 |     Pay the taxi prices for limousine service
20 |    Available really 24/24 contact our dispatcher  +33.6.6949.6888
21 |    Order with us luxury sedans French Riviera , Paris, Milano
22 |   If You find cheaper for same cars , tell us and we offer you extra advantage
23 |   Milano with S Class for 850 € , E class for 690 €, Escalade for 1100 €
24 |   We provide  Saint Tropez private driver full day for only 600 €

Chauffeur Limousine ServiceChauffeur Limousine Service

Chauffeur Limousine Service

The reason you will want to book with AlloDriver is because we love our business. We started this business when this service was reserved for Elite and rich people. Before Uber , before the VTC and new regulations we were here to provide cheap and great limousine & chauffeur service. Most of our clients used us since 14 years now and this is the word to mouth which make us grow during the last years. In the summer, we are based in Saint Tropez, in the winter we are based in Cannes and Monaco. but you can also order a nice driver from us in Milano and Paris where are network provide excellent service too.


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